MS Support Services

Support in improving MS Services to deliver great patient care

Dr Matt Craner describes the Frimley Park Hospital Trust approach to auditing and transforming patient services to cope with ever-increasing demand, sharing his team’s priorities for sustainability transformation. If any of these areas of service development - small or large, resonate with your own service’s needs, contact us to learn how Biogen can support you.

Biogen is a leader in multiple sclerosis and committed to improving solutions and services for patients

The NICE Quality Standards for multiple sclerosis (MS) state that adults with MS should be offered:1

Support at

follow up

Point of contact in
treatment team

Support to
remain active

Treatment after

Yearly MS

Biogen offer solutions to help you meet these standards and reduce the pressures on your MS service

Optimise your service

MS service audit: how well does your service meet recommendations?

HES dashboard: understand your current service

Lean Six Sigma: improve your MS service by optimising care and minimising inefficiencies

FLOW blood monitoring service: provides effective blood monitoring to your patients

Nurse education programme: training and development for new and existing MS nurses


National scientific exchange: meet your peers and share ideas

RWE education programme: increase understanding of RWE and its uses

MRI education programme: increase understanding and improve PML management

Neurology service managers national network: a forum exploring how strategic and operational initiatives affect delivery of services

Delivering quality care

Adherence and motivational interviewing: optimise patients’ treatment adherence

Do any of these areas of service development - small or large, resonate with your own service’s needs?

Please contact your local Biogen representative if you would like to share ideas or if you have any questions around how your local Biogen team could support you.


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Biogen-57921    Date of preparation: May 2020