Introducing ACT MySelf

As part of our on-going commitment to supporting MS patients and their families, we are pleased to announce the launch of a free digital self-help resource – ACT MySelf – designed to support the emotional well-being of those living with MS.

Developed by Biogen in collaboration with people with MS, MS specialist nurses, an MS clinical psychologist and the MS Trust, ACT MySelf is a tool that guides the user through simple exercises based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Meeting an unmet need for emotional support in MS

Recent research from the MS Trust showed that:1

We realised that there is an unmet need for emotional support among people with MS. So we developed a tool which can help support patients’ emotional wellbeing, thereby enabling them to live a life more focused on what is important to them.

What is ACT MySelf?

ACT MySelf is a tool that can help address some of the emotional challenges and pressure points of living with MS. ACT draws on the principles of mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy, and in people with MS, ACT has been shown to help improve psychological well-being, resilience and quality of life.2

Users of ACT MySelf – patients with MS and their family or carers – can work at their own pace to learn strategies to live life more in the present, taking a greater focus on personal values and goals, and shifting focus away from painful thoughts, feelings and experiences.*

The leaflet below is for you to pass onto your patients. 
It explains what ACT MySelf is and directs patients to the 
ACT MySelf website. 

The leaflet below provides you with more information about ACT MySelf. It also contains a questionnaire for your patient to fill out which will help measure how they are feeling before beginning the ACT MySelf programme.

*NOTE: The ACT MySelf tool is not intended to replace professional psychological support. It is important that people living with MS discuss their psychological and emotional wellbeing with their healthcare team.


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Biogen-59776      Date of preparation: June 2020