Biogen MS Products

Supported by over 30 years of multiple sclerosis (MS) research and clinical experience, Biogen currently has the broadest MS portfolio in the industry with products that help treat patients across the spectrum of relapsing forms of MS.

Educational Resources

Biogen’s educational resources are designed to support healthcare professionals to deliver optimal care for their patients. These growing resources provide information on important topics such as choosing the right drug for the right patient at the right time, treatment monitoring, MDT best practice and real-world evidence.

Patient Support

Patients are at the centre of everything Biogen does. Therefore, we’ve developed a range of patient support materials and services that support treatment understanding and adherence.

Patient Support Downloads

Biogen’s product-specific patient packs are an important resource for MS patients who have been prescribed a disease-modifying therapy from the Biogen portfolio for the management of their MS.

Patient Support Programmes

Patient support programmes provide patients with educational support and understanding of their treatment.

Resources for MS Nurses

Biogen has created a variety of resources that are designed to assist MS nurses’ clinical practice, including tools and information about treatment monitoring and PML management.


Meetings and events are funded and provided by Biogen for healthcare professionals that manage patients with Multiple Sclerosis.


Biogen’s services offerings support patient care. These services are not linked to Biogen medicines.


Biogen-58778     Date of prep: June 2020