Northen Update Meeting

2019 Meeting Topics

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) cost of illness in the UK
  • Right treatment, right patient, right time – considerations when making treatment decisions
  • Equality of access to treatments for MS
  • Getting it Right First Time – what does innovation look like in MS services around the country?
  • What goes wrong with sleep in MS and why it’s important

2018 Meeting Topics

  • Sequencing of Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) in MS and the relevance of reversibility
  • The evolving role of the pharmacist in MS management and DMT prescribing
  • The impact of DMT monitoring on MS and the successes and challenges of various approaches
  • The development of the MS coordinator role in the last 10 years and the impact of their role in the MS MDT

2018 Northern Update Meeting Video

Click on the short video to see how new developments in the NHS and MS treatments may impact on your services. Hear from some of the meeting speakers to listen to their thoughts and opinions:

Biogen-12395 April 2019




This meeting was organised and funded by Biogen.

Biogen treatments were discussed at this meeting alongside other MS treatments.


Biogen-13487 Date of prep: June 2019