Non-Medical Prescribers
Educational Update Meeting

Watch the following presentation from 2019, on ‘Critical updates and hot topics for non-medical prescribing in MS’ to learn more.


2019 Meeting Topics

  • Prescribing and the liver: implications for MS management
  • Polypharmacy and medications use reviews
  • Demonstrating the value of non-medical prescribing
  • Prescribing intrathecal baclofen for spasticity
  • Pregnancy: Counselling, imaging and prescribing
  • Minimising risk of infections in people on DMTs for MS
  • Bladder dysfunction in MS


2018 Meeting Topics

  • New developments and their implications for non-medical prescribers
  • Optimising MS medicines
  • Infectious complications with MS medications
  • Non-medical prescribing and pain management in MS treatment
  • Duty of candour and consent with a medico-legal perspective
  • Polypharmacy in neuropathic pain management
  • Overcoming challenges in the repeat prescribing of disease modifying treatments
  • The symptoms, diagnosis and management of neuropsychiatric symptoms of MS
  • Best practice in MS non-medical prescribers with insight and inspirations from rheumatology


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Biogen-22427     Date of prep: Sept 2019