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Associate Clinical Professor Nikos Evangelou, Consultant Neurologist at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, has been using regular MRI to monitor his MS patients. He highlights that in clinical practice MRI is often used for confirmation of diagnosis after the presentation of clinical symptoms.

However, he discusses the importance of monitoring disease activity and re-baselining of MRI after starting on a disease modifying therapy (DMT). He also proposes that earlier use of MRI scans, alongside symptoms, could enable earlier diagnosis and thereby improve management of MS.

Read on and watch expert video commentary on the evolving role of MRI in MS management.

Case Study

This Shed Light on MS case study demonstrates how MRI monitoring can provide unique invaluable insight for MS management.

Here Associate Clinical Professor Nikos Evangelou uses an example hypothetical case, to demonstrate how proactive use of MRI could have improved management of the patient’s MS. He provides insights on his methods and integrating regular monitoring in clinical practice.

Biogen-27009 Date of prep: February 2020